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The hotel banquet hall reserves 100% creative space for newcomers, and all the design and layout can meet the wishes of newcomers. From the view of venue, discussion of wedding banquet scheme, wedding consultation and other negotiations, we have carefully made demand records and provided schemes to effectively remove the worries of newlyweds in the face of complex and trivial wedding affairs, and give full play to the professional level and service quality of the wedding banquet team.
1.The professional wedding banquet team is trustworthy
The wedding banquet team of the hotel has a very professional wedding banquet consultant to remind the new couple to welcome the guests, help arrange guest seats, guide the new couple to toast and see off the guests, and even act as your beverage assistant to help you control the drinks on the wedding banquet site, meet the needs of the new couple and avoid unnecessary waste. Meticulous and considerate service, give full play to the role of "secretary", solve the nagging of small accidents, and save new people's worry and effort.
2.Banquet housekeeper service is very worry free
One of the characteristics of the wedding banquet dishes of Yuzhou hotel is that fresh ingredients are made on the same day, the quality of dishes is guaranteed, and the selection of tableware is of high-end quality. The wedding banquet package is cost-effective, the production of various dishes is exquisite, and the flavor characteristics maintain the consistent quality of Huaiyang dishes, which is impressive. Here, the guests and friends of the new couple can enjoy the state banquet in the hotel hosting important international conferences.

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