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China hall

Solemn and elegant, it is the style of Zhonghua hall. It adopts columnless design and can accommodate 800-1000 people,
There are also 8 small and medium-sized meeting rooms with different styles on both sides, which can meet your needs for banquets and meetings.
The meeting room adopts reasonable space layout and environmentally friendly materials, so that you can still enjoy the breath of nature in your office.

Space size: 43 m long, 31 m wide, 10.3 m high, total area: 1020 ㎡ background wall: 17.6 m long, 7.8 m high remarks: single family, no column




Yuzhou Hall

Founded in 1958, it is calm and classical, has witnessed numerous reception activities at all levels, carries the history of Yubin, and can accommodate 100-300 people
Space size: 25m long, 20m wide, 7m high, total area: 500㎡ remarks: columns on both sides



Changjiang Hall

With its diverse functions, Changjiang hall can provide a comfortable venue for your business meetings and banquet reception.
The Yangtze River hall covers an area of 2700 square meters, with a floor height of 11 meters. It is an independent building. The hall is ventilated and transparent, spacious and bright, luxurious decorative design and high-end hardware facilities,
At the same time, combined with the high-quality service of Yuzhou and the unique venue, we are willing to create a perfect conference and banquet for you.

Space size: 54 m long, 50 m wide, 11 m high, total area: 2700 ㎡ remarks: single family, no column



Small and medium-sized meeting rooms

In order to meet your different needs, we also have 34 small and medium-sized meeting rooms with different styles of 40-200.
Serious and calm is a necessary style for the decoration of a space conference room. The conference room is a place for everyone to communicate and negotiate with customers

A good meeting room design can not only set off a good atmosphere during work communication, but also increase the image of your company when negotiating with customers. It is also a representative of the company.




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