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Outdoor wedding

Indoor wedding
Whether it is an elegant Chinese wedding or an extremely romantic western wedding, our professional team will carefully create a unique wedding feast for you

Splendid hall

The premier luxury pillarless banquet hall can accommodate 1000-1500 people,
It can be used for multiple functions, and the attached lawn can be used as the venue of sunshine wedding

total area:1296㎡ Space size:length 33m width 41m height 10.3m Background wall:length 16.3m height 7.7m Remarks: single family, no column




China hall

Solemn and elegant, it is the style of Zhonghua hall. It adopts columnless design and can accommodate 800-1000 people, which can meet your various needs for holding banquets.
With reasonable space layout and environmentally friendly materials, your wedding banquet can enjoy the breath of nature

total area:500㎡ Space size:length 43m width 31m height 10.3m Background wall:length 17.6m height 7.8m Remarks: single family, no column



Huangshan Hall
It can be multi-functional according to your needs, with a total capacity of 300 people without columns. A certain number of banquets, meetings, etc. can be held
Space size: 26.2m long, 20.2m wide, 5.6m high, total area: 525㎡ remarks: no column

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