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Chongqing Yuzhou hotel provides you with more than ten meeting places ranging from 10 to 800 people. The professional conference Housekeeper will wholeheartedly create an unparalleled unforgettable experience for you in every detail.
We promise to customize every activity for you, from unique venues, complete facilities and care to excellent menu selection, theme activities and team building projects, and strive to provide perfect services beyond expectations and ensure the success of your activities.
Our standards
 We know that if you can't supervise in person, you will face great pressure and logistics problems. Therefore, the perfect planning of high standard service demand is a major feature of Yuzhou hotel in Chongqing.
To this end, we have made many commitments, made detailed and strict provisions on all aspects of conference services, and strictly implemented them in every aspect of our work:
Full conference package: this affordable package includes everything you need to successfully host a conference, from space rental, refreshments and lunch to electronic presentation equipment.
Instant meeting assistant: the exclusive on-site contact of "response at any time".
Keep in touch commitment: from the primary contact person to the event itself, we always keep in touch with you to ensure first-class planning, real-time event situation and budget control.
Unforgettable experience
Add an unforgettable experience to your meeting or event.
Our expert meeting experience allows you to learn more about meeting forms:
Creative Venue: our service team has rich resources. The outdoor venue of the hotel will arrange dinner, cocktail party or other links for you.
Wonderful interaction: a team visit organized based on the characteristics and historical and cultural heritage of Yuzhou hotel in Chongqing helps participants have a deeper understanding of urban culture and investment direction.
Chic tea break: the exquisite tea break carefully cooked by the state guest chef highlights the rich meeting forms.

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