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2020 China Hotel [Golden Pillow] Award - "excellent service hotel in Southwest China"
2020 Golden Tripod Award for hotel industry
2019 best wedding hotel in China
Landmark landscape Hotel 2019
2019 quality service hotel
2019 catering hotel
2018 China Daily my heart Hotel Award Best Conference Hotel
Popular hotel of 2018 Sohu Tourism
2018 Platinum Award for service quality of single Hotel
Advanced unit of targeted poverty alleviation in Chongqing in 2018
2018 Chongqing 38 red flag collective
Advanced unit of fire safety in 2018
2018 city's most popular conference hotel
2017-2018 China's most potential Conference Hotel (Center)
2017 China's most popular conference hotel
Best service hotel of 2016
2016 China Hotel [Golden Pillow] Award - "best opening Hotel"
China five leaf green hotel

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